Sympinny - Eliyahu Hanavi

06 février 2018 - 427 vues

Presented to you by Welch’s Manischewitz and BenHesh Studios. A Sympinny Band Production Credits: Song composed, written and arranged by Pinny Ostreicher Lead Vocals - Pinny Ostreicher Backup Vocals - Shabsi Broyde, Chaim Bokchin Opening commentary - Tal Halevi Official recording musicians: Pinny Ostreicher, Gustavo Amarante, Chaim Bokchin, Shabsi Broyde. Mixed and Mastered by Ruli Ezrachi Vocals recorded at Blue Rhythm Lable Cinematography - BenHesh Studio's Directed by - Chaim Moskowitz Assistant director - Miriam Kohnfelder Edited by - Chaim Moskowitz Main Camara operator - Chaim Moskowitz 2nd camera operator - Even Cohen Crew assistance - M. Kohnfelder, Matt Bonvissuto, Z. Perrero Location Brooklyn NY USA - Candor Capital LLC Last but not least. Special Thanks to Miriam and Josh Kohnfelder You guys made it happen!! You say something and you carry through. To book the Sympinny band at your next event. Contact us at: 347-551-4084 845-402-8584